Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Bloomfield, Montclair or Livingston, NJ?

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Your lights, appliances and outlets all rely on power from your electrical panel. If your current electrical panel isn't up to the task, reach out to Tosone Electric Inc. for an electrical panel replacement. We offer electrical panel upgrade services for homeowners in Bloomfield, Montclair and Livingston, NJ. Your home will get the power it needs quickly and safely.

Don't wait until you have a larger electrical issue. Call 973-746-8888 now to schedule an electrical panel replacement in Bloomfield, Montclair or Livingston, NJ.

Signs you need an electrical panel upgrade

Not sure if you need an electrical panel upgrade? Here are a few indicators that you need to contact us ASAP:

  • Your appliances aren't working correctly
  • Your panel has visible corrosion
  • Your lights dim or flicker constantly
  • Your electrical panel smells strange

If you need more help from a member of our team, you can just reach out to ask questions. We'll figure out what's going on with your electrical system.