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Keep the Current Flowing with Reliable Electrician Services

Outdated wiring can be dangerous. Ensure your home or business is safe when you reach out to Tosone Electric Inc. for electrician services. Based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, our skilled team will assess your wiring to ensure it is up to code. We can also upgrade your amperage, install home theater systems, and add outdoor security lighting to your property.

Affordable Service

We know repairs and upgrades can be costly. That's why we offer affordable services to keep you on budget. Some of the work we provide includes:

• Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels
• Wiring Renovations
• Electric Recharge Stations
• Pools and Hot Tubs
• New Electrical Services
• Microwave Circuits
• Phone Lines
• Ceiling Fans
• Smoke Alarms
• Carbon Monoxide Detectors
• Electric Radiant Flooring

Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring was originally installed prior to 1925. It's a single-strand system without a ground, which is needed to run certain appliances and devices safely. One of many concerns with this system is that wiring splices were either taped or soldered in place, which can result in sparks and fires.

Service Vans

As per the National Electric Code, all knob and tube wiring should be replaced with proper grounded wiring throughout an entire property. Tosone Electric Inc. performs a visual inspection of older homes to assess the situation. We then implement efficient, reasonable solutions for repairs and replacements.


Generators are important to keep the electricity in your home running when your main power source goes out. We provide service for natural gas-driven whole-house generators as well as portable generators for sump pumps and heating and lighting circuits.

200 Amp Service and Subpanels

Do you keep tripping a circuit in your home because you need more power? We can upgrade your service to 200 amps, add more circuits, or even install subpanels to avoid power failure in the future.

Home Theater Installation and Computer Wiring

Installing a home theater takes residential entertainment to the next level. Tosone Electric Inc. can transform any room into a home theater with the installation of flat-screen TVs, HDMI, speakers, surround sound, phones, and internet capability. Do you want to hide your components or sick of looking at a spyder web of wiring? Ask us how and what we can do.

Outdoor Lighting

Outside Security Lighting and Motion Sensors

Add an extra layer of protection to your home with outdoor security lighting. We install aesthetically appropriate lighting on a timer as well as photo cells and motion sensors.

Landscape Lighting

Highlight your curb appeal and yard with accent lighting for driveways, entrances, or the whole home exterior. Our outdoor lighting works on timers and adds some extra flair to your property.